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Fundamental to the development of your property portfolio is choosing the right property to facilitate your property investment objectives.

Selecting a property can be a daunting process. We work in close partnership with our clients to select the ideal property in a growing, high performing suburb. Our selections and advice are informed by almost 20 years of experience helping clients to find suitable investment properties to meet their needs.

Becoz critically assesses available properties to ensure you are investing in an area that will achieve the desired return in the longer term. A range of factors are considered when assessing properties for selection, however key considerations are suburb performance and measuring the demand for tenancy.

Our knowledge and experience help to alleviate the risk involved with property selection, and give you peace of mind that your selection will meet your investment objectives.

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I found the process with Lloyd and the team to be easy and informal with a nice personal touch and very informative.
Gerry D’Agostino
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